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Service Menu by Client

Employers and Pension Fund Trustees

Management of a retirement benefit plan requires in-depth knowledge and coordination of different parties.

Also the Japanese pension system and practice can be very complex and hinders the smooth communication between local and home office. With ample experiences with both domestic and foreign clients, JP Actuary Consulting offers hands-on support for every aspect of retirement benefit and pension plan.

Hospitals and Public Interest Corporations

With the amendment of accounting standard, hospitals and public interest corporations have been required to recognized the pension liabilities since 2005 and 2006 respectively. The need for more comprehensive disclosure is also increasing. JP Actuary Consulting provides hands-on services for implementation and year-end disclosure of actuarial valuations.

Private School Teachers' Retirement Benefit

Funding valuations determines the plan's liability, appropriate contributions and expenses using objectively set assumptions and taking into account the plan's characteristics (such as benefit structure, demography etc.).

The funding status should be checked every year and reviewed periodically. JP Actuary Consulting provides high quality funding valuation services to entities with mutual aid schemes other than corporate pensions.

M&A Advisors

Handling of retirement benefit and pension schemes in M&A requires wide knowledge in HR, Legal, Accounting, Tax, Actuarial areas. JP Actuary Consulting offers comprehensive support in the realm of pension for every phase of M&A activities.

Looking for a Pension / Insurance Advisor at Reasonable Cost?

JP Actuary Consulting offers advisory services in corporate pension and insurance areas to be your daily advisor you can count on.

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