Actuarial Valuations

Due to the global convergence of accounting standards and increasing pressure for quick preparation for financial reporting, there is a great demand for high quality and flexible services for actuarial valuations.

JP Actuary Consulting reports valuation results within two weeks after receipt of relevant data, and all valuations are conducted by our certified pension actuaries with in-depth knowledge of accounting standards and their trends in major countries or regions. We not only conduct technical valuations which require high expert knowledge but also ease the clients’ burden by directly communicating with independent auditors where necessary.

We offer flexible and professional services in the following areas:

  • Japanese GAAP
  • IFRS
  • U.S. GAAP
  • Projection of future increase of PBO etc.

Actuarial Valuations

Our basic fees are as follows. Fees may vary depending on a type of existing plan. Please contact for details.

Service Scope Basic Fee (tax excl.)
Reevaluation of Assumptions JPY200,000
Japanese GAAP Valuation starting from JPY600,000
IFRS Valuation starting from JPY900,000
U.S. GAAP Valuation starting from JPY900,000

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