Other Services

Other Services

Audit Support

JP Actuary assists audit of retirement benefit plans as independent specialists.

  • Assessment of the appropriateness of actuarial assumptions
  • Reevaluation of actuarial figures
  • Advice on standardization of audit procedure
  • Advice as independent professional
  • Workshop on pension actuarial and compliance matters

Note: We do not engage in the audit process itself.

Valuation of Stock Option Fair Value

The valuations can be done based on Japanese GAAP, US GAAP, and IFRS.

  • Evaluation of assumptions used in the assessment of fair value
  • Calculation of fair value using Black Scholes Model
  • Calculation of fair value using Binomial Model
  • Projection of the total value of the options

HR System Design

  • Design compensation, performance appraisal, job grade and employee risk benefits programs
  • Design MBO system
  • Design Performance Linked Bonus
  • Design Stock Option plan

HR Due Diligence

  • Analysis of the existing human resources schemes
  • Analysis of contingent, off-balance liabilities with respect to retirement benefits
  • Design integration scenario and assist the implementation

Information Service

As a market leader in the fields of retirement benefits, JP Actuary provides up-to-date information on pension legislations, accounting trends, technical know-how on actuarial matters through our web site.

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