M&A Advisory for Retirement Benefits

M&A Advisory for Retirement Benefits

Benefits-related issues have a significant impact on the success or feasibility of M&A deals, and therefore need to be carefully investigated at the process. Our experienced professionals help identify such pension / retirement benefit-related exposures and issues in the target company and offer advice on purchase price valuation and reflect it properly on contracts.

Due Diligence

  • Analysis of Retirement Benefits Plans
  • Analysis of assumptions used for calculation of benefit liabilities
  • Analysis of contingent, off-balance liabilities with respect to retirement benefits

Advice on Deal Negotiation

  • Preparation of contract, advice on purchase price negotiation
  • Proposal on integration of benefit programs and advice during the negotiation process

Closing Support

  • Revaluation of PBO and pension cost based on the integration plan
  • Preparation of Pension / Retirement Lump Sum Provisions
  • Post-deal Services
  • Actual integration work

Post-closing Integration Services

Restructuring of the retirement benefit plan

Sell-side Advisory Services

  • Preparation of a vendor report on retirement benefits
  • Support for Due Diligence
  • Advice on contract and value assessment

M&A Advisory for Retirement Benefits

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