Benefits Administration Service

Benefits Administration Service

Even if an employer spends a lot of money for retirement benefits program, the value of such benefits are not maximized and thus it is not cost effective if it is not properly understood by the employees.

It is an important management issue for employers to not only accurately administer the benefits but also effectively communicate them to the employees. JP Actuary Consulting offers customized service and tool to support the comprehensive management and effective communication of a client's benefit program.

Administration of Retirement Benefit Plan

  • Total balance of retirement allowance
  • Tracking the number of participants (active and inactive participants, deferred pensioners, pensioners)
  • Enrollment and Termination
  • Individual balance of virtual retirement account

Benefit Administration Tool

Customized administration tool for keeping track of individual account balance based on clients' benefit programs

Annual Reporting

  • Individual account statement
  • Total balance of each plan
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