Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

JP Actuary Consulting ("JPAC") fully recognizes the importance of the protection of personal information. This privacy policy sets out our approaches to handling and protection of the private information.

1. Purpose of this Policy

This policy is designed to ensure the protection of personal information in order to make our customers feel secure while using our services.

2. The Treatment of Your Personal Information

JPAC establishes a management system of personal information protection based on our actual business practices, and follow the internal guidelines to properly handle such personal information.

(1) The Collection of Your Personal Information

When collecting personal information, JPAC will notify our customers of the purposes of use of such private information beforehand, and collect such information in an appropriate manner only to the extent needed to fulfill our business purposes such as:

  • To smoothly carry out business transactions and client projects
  • To conduct actuarial valuations for consulting services
  • To provide products or services

(2) The Usage of Your Personal Information

Except where legally permissible, JPAC will use the personal information of our customers only to the extent necessary to fulfill the purposes publicly expressed.

(3) The Disclosure of Your Personal Information

Except where legally permissible, JPAC will obtain prior consent of our customers when disclosing the personal information to any third party for the purposes to which our customers give consent.

3. Security Measurement

In order to protect the personal information and secure the accuracy of such information provided, JPAC takes necessary security measurements to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage etc. of personal information, and correct those measurements immediately if improvements are required by internal audit or by a security incident occurred elsewhere or by a request from our customers.

4. Compliance

JPAC fully complies with the Personal Information Protection Law and relevant regulations.

5. Continued Improvement of Our Compliance Programs

JPAC constantly monitors our compliance programs and improve them to maintain their best conditions through internal audit process and direct review of the programs by the representative of the company.

6. Respect the Rights of Employees and Customers

JPAC fully respects the privacy and legal rights of our customers and their employees. Should there be any request from them to disclose or correct or delete their own personal information at any time, JPAC will do so without delay.

April 1, 2008

Hideki Kuroda, President of JP Actuary Consulting Co., Ltd.

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